Why Are DPFs So Expensive?

DPFs typically range in price depending on a variety of different choices. Currently, a DPF filter is considered a dual component to any newer model of diesel engines. This of course is dependent on EPA’s program to reduce harmful exhaust particles that the DPF take care of.  Routine maintenance is crucial for any DPF to prevent blockage. If you don’t take a blocked DPF in it will undoubtedly create more problems in your diesel emissions system.

Newly Manufactured DPF Euro 5 Design

For the part to be effective, a DPF is designed to work on with diesel engines specifically (if you go through manufacturer, unless retrofitted or 3rd party) and do its job as a filter. Although, the stricter CARB is with its enforcement of constraints, the more expensive your DPF. If you are planning on buying a newer model diesel, odds are it will cost more because it has a newer DPF. The Euro 5 is what most manufactured diesel vehicles are equipped with currently.

Aftermarket DPFs and Components – Invest Into OEM Parts

Currently and independently sold, DPF filters can be an expensive component on the market and reach thousands of dollars. This is especially if your buying them aftermarket and most don’t have an OEM, meaning you can’t verify your diesel engine online with EPA.  On top of the price of the DPF, you also have to factor in if it can be fitted to your emissions system or if it’s an OEM part.

Purchase a DPF That Actually Works!

This is a common mistake if not purchased through independent mechanics, like My DPF Cleaner, or legitimate manufacturers.You want to be sure you are purchasing an OEM or Original Engine Manufacturer DPF or other parts to fits your truck. This is how you can modify your diesel engine and still verify it with the EPA standard parts listed on their website.

Consult With Us Before Buying DPFs or Related Parts

After the mandate, many started taking their DPFs off, which is illegal on and off the road and will not pass smog or the MoT. Be sure you aren’t purchasing a faulty DPF and consult with one of our professional mechanics at My DPF Cleaning prior to purchasing an aftermarket DPF. We want to help businesses, fleets, and diesel drivers pass their Smoke Checks so it’s always best to check with our professionals before making a decision. Plus we offer OEM parts like DPFs, gaskets, and much more in under our parts section! Don’t forget to check what great parts we’ve got on sale too!

Invest In Your Trucks or Fleets, Regulations Only More Strict

With emissions enforcement cracking down on diesel engines on and off the road, in 2017 even if you have diesel oil in a can you have to buy a new, special fuel can that won’t evaporate diesel particles. Investing in a solid DPF is a way to invest in the emissions crisis that, especially in Southern California, should understand when deciding what to do to keep their DPF clean and their diesel engine powerful.