Prices charged for DPF cleaning range between $350 and $600 depending on year, make, engine year, and whether or not you’re removing it and bringing it in to be cleaned or your bringing all your trucks. We’ll get your DPF back to you as fast as you need it so you don’t lose money with your fleets downtime. They’ll be up and ready to go in no time.

At My DPF Cleaning we use US name brand cleaning machines that use pneumatic cleaning and performance testing thermal regeneration equipment. Our machines clean over 90% of ash and PM with Level 1 and Level 2 cleaning machines that make it affordable and efficient.

Other services we offer include retrofitting installations to maintain compliance throughout your fleet, however, prices will vary based on fleet size, engine year, make, and model year. Contact us now to get in touch with one of our experts for pricing today!

We also have equipment that can test your vehicles or fleet before your next Smoke Check that’s due before December 31 this year! Compliance with CARB is something that busy fleet managers can easily forget about, that’s why we make it easy and keep you up to date! We offer PSIP Smoke Checks and we can provide you with the certificate of conformity you’ll need. Don’t get fined $500 for your PSIP inspection!

Need repairs or replacements? We’ve got OEM DPFs, related parts like gaskets, and other accessories too! Our sales and our services are unbeatable. If you need any part to replace your emissions control system, check out our parts section at My DPF Cleaning or even check to see what sales we have going on! We make sure all of our parts our original engine manufactured so you don’t have to worry about passing your certification of conformity.

OEM Replacement filters can cost over $5,000. That’s not even considering the cost of installing an OEM retrofit DPF so your diesel emissions prove that your emissions system and engine can be verified and registered. That’s why we provide and service high quality DPFs and emissions control systems and provide parts at lower rates with parts such as:

Enjoy our free local pickups too! Contact Us @ 323-405-1800 email to consult on pricing for your fleets emissions systems needs.

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