We’re the Specialists in DPF Cleaning

With our mechanics knowledge and advanced equipment used to clean any DPF or related parts fast and without hesitation. My DPF Cleaning provides a large variety of services for all kinds of diesel engines. We service diesel engines ranging from installation, retrofitting, part provision, and cleaning to checking your emissions to pass your next Smoke Check.

Routine Cleaning is Critical for Your Diesel Engine

Before moving on to diagnostic or assessments and evaluations of your trucks or fleets, it’s crucial to check out your DPF and service it. This may or may not even solve your commercial or private fleets problems. It’s amazing what a thorough cleaning can do with the best DPF cleaning machines around. We make sure that you DPF comes out brand new. If you continue to maintain this kind of routine cleaning for your DPF, your DPF will save on fuel costs and the overall performance of the vehicle will be enhanced. Plus, in order to remain compliant with CARB, even with regeneration, routine cleaning of larger soot, ash, and PM must be cleaned to prevent blockage.

Fast, Efficient, and Quality DPF Cleaning

Our experienced mechanics know what it takes to repair your truck to make sure it’s compliant again so you can get back to business fast. You can depend on the staff at My DPF Cleaning for excellent customer service and our mechanics team for their ability evaluate DPFs, DES, DOCs, and diagnostics to keep you worry free in the LA county, Santa Monica, Ventura County, Camera, or Southern California area.

Get CARB Compliant

If you drive a heavy-duty truck or have a fleet for your business bring your trucks in to check your engine emissions systems and for to get current for with upcoming regulations! We’re committed to providing the best diesel services around so businesses can get back to work, worry free and CARB compliant.

Innovative Cleaning Machines

My DPF Cleaning is confident that our mechanics are up to date with the most current regulations. We know what it takes to pass your Smoke Check and have the knowledge and top notch cleaning machines to make it happen. You’ll be ready for a roadside inspection in no time.

Mobile Assistance: Diesel Emission Technician

***Are you in need of emergency roadside assistance? Has your truck shut down on you? We may have office locations but we partner with a mobile on-site assistance DPF specialist company Diesel Emission Technician. When we can’t be there, they will! Don’t hesitate to call and avoid all those hefty costs of towing your truck! They can swing by and pick up whatever DPF or other part you may need, bring it to you and install it there on the spot! ***