Lifespan of DPF

The lifespan of a DPF is much too complex of a question to answer because of the wide range of variables to consider. After DPFs were required, people often complained about needing replacements without allowing their DPF or diesel emissions system any type of servicing. A DPF is meant to clean soot, ash, and particulate matter (PM) through a DPF. At some point you will need to clean your DPF because it will block your emissions system.

The Life of a DPF is Specific to Numerous Variables

Typically, if assuming your DPF and diesel emissions system are well-maintained through regeneration and a routine cleaning of the DPF is done about every 30,000 to 40,000 miles, it should last around 100,000 miles at the very least. Most of the factors are very situational, making it impossible to truly say how long any DPF will last.

Environmental Conditions May Have an Impact In Lifespan

Other factors that are involved could be their surrounding environment. This could be the surrounding environment the vehicle is driven in, how often the it’s able to enter into regeneration, the amount of pollution in the area, type of filter, how it’s maintained or cleaned, if it hasn’t been cleaned or even what kind of fuel is used. These are just a few of the variables that could affect a DPF and how long it will last. With so many different factors it’s almost impossible to provide a general answer.
Those who find themselves with lower mileage in a cities with more traffic, lower mileage, and where soot is increased the ability to regenerate the DPF is much less often. Those who are in surrounding areas that include long drives, regardless of soot, allow DPFs to enter regeneration more often due to meeting higher speeds. A DPF allowed to regularly enter into regeneration will burn soot off more often, whereas a DPF that is not will most likely need replaced at a more rapid rate.

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Regular Cleaning Will Extend DPF Performance and Life

Regardless of regeneration, a DPF also needs to be maintained and cleaned on a basis that is regular enough to check your emissions system and your diesel oil as well. This is critical to maintaining a diesel engine, it’s emissions, and overall performance. In addition, it adds to your whole vehicle’s lifespan and prevents DPF issues or related problems in other critical parts of the diesel emissions system.

Regeneration is Effective BUT Does Not Clear All PM

Many people believe that regeneration is the only way to clean the DPF. This is largely because since the laws were passed all new models of diesel engines can typically be fit with a regeneration button or at least a warning light on the dashboard that lets them know to allow their car this process.
However, while regeneration is an effective part of the diesel emissions system, we now know that it does not burn or combustion all large soot or ash particles. This is why DPFs need to be cleaned by depending on variables that are specific to you.
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